Introducing Oreana: a new brand, but a familiar face

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Oreana Financial Services was launched in April 2016 following its purchase of the Hong Kong based advice business, NAB Private Wealth Advisory Limited (“NPWA”). Now a division of Oreana Financial Services, NPWA has been re-named Oreana Private Wealth.

With offices currently in Hong Kong and Melbourne, Australia, Oreana Financial Services is a diversified financial services firm with expertise in financial advice, asset management and property across Asia and Australia, and is independently owned.

While its name has changed, the advice business – Oreana Private Wealth – has a 13-year history, having been established in Hong Kong since August 2002. Many of its team members have been with the private wealth business since its beginnings, maintaining service continuity in client relationships and building a strong track record of performance.

The former Head of NPWA, Luke Moore, is now a Director of the business and Chief Executive Officer of Oreana Financial Services. In addition NPWA’s former Investment Director, Norman Chan, is now a Director of Oreana Financial Services and has assumed the new title of Chief Investment Officer.

Oreana Financial Services is committed to providing innovative and accessible private wealth advice solutions to its clients and is expanding its offering to provide a more extensive, well researched range of investment opportunities and services.