All the ingredients for creating great retail spaces

Here at Oreana Property, we’ve spent more than a decade creating great, innovative and desirable retail spaces in growth corridors to deliver amenity to new communities.

They range from small neighbourhood shopping centres with an independent grocer, childcare centre and other shops, to big box retail with leading homemaker brands.

We’ve learnt that while the retailers and locations may differ, the fundamentals of great retail spaces don’t change and that’s part of our recipe for success.


At Oreana Property, we know every community is unique and therefore we never go for a cookie cutter approach.

Our first task is to fully assess and understand the local community and find out where the gaps are in available amenity. That could include an undersupply of childcare centres or a lack of specialty shops.

The next step is to scope out individual sites and investigate aspects like demographics, access to public transport, number of passing vehicles, accessibility, and prominence. These are especially important because retail spaces will not be truly great if they are not convenient and don’t offer end users every opportunity to be successful.

The right site will also often have space for expansion as a community and its needs grow.

Our final step is to collaborate with forward-thinking end users to ensure we deliver the right result for them and each community.


Every community needs a hub where people can gather to shop, grab a coffee, get their weekly groceries, be entertained or take time out from a busy day.

Great retail centres should offer exactly that with the tenancy mix, design, and location all coming together as an asset which contributes positively to the community.

Our community-based centres also offer flexible and varied employment opportunities for locals, which is especially handy for people wishing to avoid a long commute.


Great retail spaces don’t just need a desirable location, they also need a locally appropriate design.

Retail facades need to be visually appealing and be reflective of the local community. Centres must provide connections back into other parts of the community and be a place where the community can come together.

Landscaping and public spaces are other important features in creating great retail spaces as they help to create a peaceful, calming environment as well as providing opportunities for outdoor dining and public gatherings.

Above all, great retail space should be a place where the community comes together, enjoys their experience, and is one which they are proud to call their own. 


At Oreana we have fine tuned our approach to retail development over decades to ensure we deliver the best possible outcomes for retailers and communities.

That has meant that we have retailers and clients such as Hungry Jack’s, Augustus Gelatery and United Petroleum who have chosen to become tenants at multiple Oreana centres.

We’re excited about what the future holds for retail, and you can be sure that Oreana will remain at the forefront of the industry!

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